We offer a total business solutions process, starting from product design by our expert design offices in Cairo & Spain to shipping you the final product.
Our services process starts from ordering fabric, fabric test & inspection, cutting, sewing, laundry then final section.
Our supply chain is our strength, where all reliable fabrics/accessories suppliers' are close to our factory in Egypt thus reducing lead time either for suppliers or for production.


10% of the rolls are being inspected on the fabric inspection machine to check for any defects such shrinkage & shade test.
All panels are 30% checked before ply marking; and a daily report is prepared for the Cutting Quality Control.


Spread the roll with free tension automatic machine 8x1.80 meters cutting tables, with 20 meters length tables for our 8 Eastman cutters


First we start with Small Parts, then 
Preparation till Assembly.
All stages are checked before & after for quality assurance with fly control during process & quality control after each stage.


Our laundry is equipped with the latest eco friendly state of art machinery, offering several dry processes, washes, over dye.
Since our aim is always sustainability, our e-flow machines are reliable to meet client's needs at the same time maintaining high efficiency & quality.


Laser is a high-end technology used in the garment industry. It is highly advantageous in efficiency, effectiveness & most importantly achieving an eco friendly product.
Our factory is equipped with Jeanologia laser machines such as Twin Pro & FLEXI HS3D backed up by Jeanologia E-Flow washing machines.


This is the last phase in our services' process, final touches & accessories are added to the product, such as buttons, quality inspection, ironing, packing & storing.

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